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Studiostone Creative

Eagle Soapstone Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

Eagle Soapstone Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

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Embark on a captivating artistic journey with our user-friendly five-step guide, designed to empower kids aged 8 and above to skillfully carve an eagle from raw soapstone. This engaging family activity, thoughtfully curated by Studiostone Creative, not only offers relaxation and satisfaction but also cultivates a deep connection with nature. Immerse yourself in the enchanting process of transforming pliable stone into a captivating work of art.

Our 100% eco-friendly kits, meticulously crafted in Canada and envisioned by two local artists, promise an additional element of excitement—a surprise natural color emerging during the waxing process, adding a touch of magic to each creation. Experience the joy of collaborative creativity with Studiostone Creative's accessible and environmentally conscious soapstone carving experience. The kit includes a fold-up diorama and intriguing fun facts about eagles. To enhance the learning experience, our visual instructions now incorporate QR codes, providing helpful videos for each step.

Learn the art of carving your own soapstone eagle sculpture with a fun and artistic experience suitable for both adults and kids aged 8 and up. Our premium quality craft kits, meticulously manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, feature eco-friendly packaging and natural materials. The set comprises everything you need to bring your 3D art masterpiece to life: a hand-cut eagle soapstone shape, a kid-safe carving file, two grades of sandpaper for precision, polishing wax for a shiny finish, and a buffing cloth.

Soapstone, a natural stone with captivating color variations ranging from gorgeous greens to beautiful browns, adds an extra layer of beauty to your artistic creations. Immerse yourself in the art of carving with Studiostone Creative—an experience that seamlessly integrates creativity, nature, and education into one delightful package.

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