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Studiostone Creative

Heart Pendant Soapstone Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

Heart Pendant Soapstone Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

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Create your own Heart pendant from genuine soapstone with our inclusive kits, specifically designed for kids and youth aged 8 and above. Studiostone Creative introduces an engaging experience, building a connection between young individuals and nature while unraveling the magic of shaping flexible stone into a personalized work of art. Each soapstone piece holds a surprise natural color, unveiling its charm during the waxing process. Our 100% eco-friendly kits, proudly crafted in Canada and envisioned by local artists, promise both a delightful artistic journey and a commitment to environmental consciousness. Follow the user-friendly, step-by-step instructions for a seamless and enchanting creative adventure.

Learn how to craft your own soapstone heart pendant sculpture with a fun and artistic experience suitable for both adults and kids aged 8 and up. Our premium quality jewelry-making kits, meticulously produced in British Columbia, Canada, feature eco-friendly packaging and natural materials. The set includes everything you need to create your unique 3D art masterpiece: a hand-cut heart soapstone shape, two grades of sandpaper for precision, polishing wax for a shiny finish, a buffing cloth for that final touch, and a waxed necklace string for immediate wear.

Soapstone, a natural stone with captivating color variations ranging from gorgeous green to beautiful brown, adds an extra layer of beauty to your personalized creations. Immerse yourself in the art of crafting with Studiostone Creative—an experience that seamlessly intertwines creativity, nature, and education into one delightful package.

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