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Studiostone Creative

Polar Bear & Penguin Double Alabaster Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

Polar Bear & Penguin Double Alabaster Carving Kit by Studiostone Creative

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Craft your own Polar Bear and Penguin sculptures from natural Alabaster using our inclusive kits, ideal for kids and youth aged 8 and above. Studiostone Creative aims to cultivate a connection between young minds and nature, guiding them through the fascinating process of shaping flexible stone into distinctive works of art. Our eco-friendly kits, proudly made in Canada and designed by two local artists, ensure a delightful artistic journey. All necessary supplies, complemented by straightforward step-by-step instructions, are provided for a seamless and enchanting creative experience. The kit also includes a fold-up diorama and interesting fun facts about the animals. To enhance the learning process, our visual instructions now incorporate QR codes, offering helpful videos for each step.

Learn the art of carving your own Alabaster Polar bear and penguin sculptures with an enjoyable and artistic experience suitable for both adults and kids aged 8 and up. Our premium quality craft kits, manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, feature eco-friendly packaging and natural materials. The set includes everything you need to bring your 3D art masterpieces to life: two hand-cut Polar bear and Penguin alabaster shapes, a kid-safe carving file, two grades of sandpaper for precision, polishing wax for a glossy finish, and a buffing cloth for that final touch.

Alabaster, a natural stone known for its white and translucent qualities, adds an extra layer to your artistic endeavors. Slightly harder than soapstone, it results in a beautiful finish that enhances the overall aesthetic of your creations. Immerse yourself in the art of carving with Studiostone Creative—an experience that seamlessly blends creativity, nature, and education in one delightful package.

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